Eye Primers and Why They’re So Important (Too Faced vs. Urban Decay)

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A few years ago I discovered eye shadow primers.  That particular day in my past changed my life.  Dramatic?  No I promise you.

Now I’ve been wearing eyeshadow on a regular basis since I figured out how to put it on around my freshman year of high school.  My mom is not a makeup wearer and it was up to me to teach myself how to do it.  However, ever since I started to wear eyeshadow by the end of the day my eyeshadow began to look cakey and creased.  Not an attractive look, especially when you blink or close your eyes.

I always sort of thought to myself that that was just how eyeshadow worked.  It didn’t last all day.  Until one day I bought a palette of Bobbi Brown eyeshadow.  I was always wearing Revlon Colorstay (which is an amazing drug store brand).  This eyeshadow creased like nothing I had ever seen before.  Needless to say I spent a ton of money on this palette and it creased in a couple hours!  I was fed up, so I googled a solution.  Eye primers was the answer.

**NOTE** My whole life I always thought my eyeshadow creased easily due to oily eyelids.  At the Glam Academy I learned that oil on your face is caused by the sebaceous glands you have.  You DO NOT have sebaceous glands on your eyelids.  The reason why you may have oily eyelids is due in part to the fact that your eyelids are warm.  The warmest part of your face.  Due to its temperature it sucks in the oils from the rest of your face making you think you have oily eyelids. ** 

So I went out to Ulta and spent about 20 bucks on the Too Faced eye primer.  I used this primer for a couple of years.  Yes it changed my life.  My eyeshadow stayed, it didn’t crease, I was able to enjoy my Bobbi Brown palette.  I didn’t have to bring around my eyeshadows and brushes to touch up during the day.  

I did like the Too Faced primer.  A negative for me with Too Faced is that the primer itself has a very greasy texture.  You coat your eyelids with the primer and I would literally stand with my eyes closed for a couple of minutes to make sure it dried.  A huge positive (and I honestly find this to be true with any eye primer) is that the tube lasts a very long time.  I believe I had to buy a new one over a year after I bought my first one and I used it every day.  

Anyway, the fact that the Too Faced primer was so greasy started to annoy me so I figured I would try a new brand.  Back to Ulta, I bought Urban Decay’s Primer Potion.  It did not have a greasy feel, it dried a lot faster and it lasted longer than Too Faced.  I was SOLD!  I would definitely choose Urban Decay over Too Faced.  Alexa Prisco also swears by Urban Decay primers and has the tubes in her kit to use on clients as well.

Now if you’re into more higher end brand makeup I have another recommendation in the category of eye primers.  However, please remember just because they’re in Bloomingdales and higher end DOES NOT MAKE THEM A BETTER PRODUCT!!!!  For higher end I would recommend NARS.  It comes with a wand and is easily applicable.  I use NARS on myself a lot especially in the summer when it’s insanely humid.  I don’t necessarily think it’s better than Urban Decay but I just loved NARS products.  

So long story short… use eye primers.. they make an amazing base and your shadow will last all day.  Skip over Too Faced and go to Urban Decay but I would also recommend NARS.  

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