My first three days at the Glam Academy

I wanted to spend some time to highlight my experience so far at the Glam Academy with Alexa Prisco. 

Let me first start by saying that Alexa is the type of mentor any aspiring makeup artist could dream of.  She wants you to succeed and will do everything in her power to make sure that happens.  She is blunt and to the point and makes you work!  She’s not going to sugarcoat anything.  If you do a classic bridal look on a model that is not up to standards she will tell you that and then make you fix it.

When I arrived the first morning, all 16 students were asked to hang out in a separate room from the factory.  While there we introduced ourselves, talked about our dreams, and everyone seemed very nice.  One of the things I catch myself doing as a makeup artist is checking out other people’s makeup.  I can be watching a TV show and realize I have no idea what’s going on because I was looking at the makeup the characters were wearing.  So naturally on this first day, I admired all of the beautiful work everyone had done on their own faces.  I find myself questioning how did she get her eyeshadow to fan out like that?  Or I wonder if that lipstick is MAC or a drugstore doop?

After about a half hour, Alexa finally came in and introduced herself and had us all come into the factory.  Set up in front of each chair was a Glam Fairy Bible (chock full of amazing information) and a small makeup kit courtesy of NYX.  The first half of the day we spent doing icebreakers and after lunch we broke into the bible for some much anticipated glamology.  Glamology is the oral aspect of the academy where Alexa goes through the bible and explains all things makeup, technique and business.

The second day was much like the first.  Lots and lots of glamology.  Not that I mind.  I’m as much interested in learning about contouring as I am actually contouring someone’s face. 

Day three was where the fun and the stress began!!  Good stress though not bad if that makes any sense whatsoever.  It was our first lab day.  Alexa did a demo look on her wonderful assistant Brenna.  The look of the day was classic bridal makeup.  The demo was so interesting because it opened my eyes to things I wasn’t doing quite right, or made me happy that was doing a lot of it right already. 

After the demo we went to go pick out our models.  My model was a sweetheart of a 16-year old from Pennsylvania.  Her and her mom drove from the Poconos to help out!  I explained to her through smiles that the only person I have ever put makeup on before other than myself is my mom.  So I got down to work and did my best to re-create what Alexa had taught us in the demo.  I was one of the first ones done which made me nervous because automatically I think I’m doing something wrong.  However, when I handed my model a mirror her face lit up.  She loved what I had done.  That gave me such a huge sense of satisfaction.

After some time, I was finally called to go with my model into the other room where Alexa was doing final checks before the photoshoot.  Alexa looked at my model and told me she looked great!  No touch ups, nothing to be fixed, I had done a good job.  That was when I realized that maybe this really is my talent.  My model did a great job glamming it up for the photoshoot.  I’m very excited to get the pictures so I can share them. 

Now onto this upcoming weekend.  Two labs which means two looks and two photoshoots.  Nerve-wracking yet exciting.  I just hope I can keep up the good work.

More entries later 🙂 


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